I’m Moving! When Should I Call A Painter?

You’ve searched for months and finally found the perfect home.  You’ve put in an offer and it’s been accepted.  When should you call a painter to come take a look at your new home and discuss your options for changing the colors or peeling that gaudy 1950’s wallpaper?
We get this question all the time.  Unfortunately, it’s usually too late due to us being booked during the time period of the closing.  But that’s okay.  We can still help.

You need to call your painter as soon as you know your closing date.  This gives your painter plenty of time to work with you on your color options and your move-in date.  It also gives you time to talk to your realtor and ask them if you can schedule a time for your painter (and any other trades) to come look at the home so that they can give you a solid price on what your project will cost.  As much as we’d like to, we just can’t honestly give you an estimate without looking at the home and measuring things out.  There are just too many variables to do so.  Beware of someone who is willing to give you a price based on your floor square footage or how many rooms you want painted.  Because of all the variables, that price will more than likely change, and it won’t be for the cheaper.


At All About Paint we know that you are already being overwhelmed with all kinds of information and things you need to do to prepare to move into your new home.  So we try to make our part as easy as possible on you by:

  • – Coming to you, on your schedule, to pick out colors and talk about the project
  • – Asking you what rooms you would like to have painted first, so that you can start moving things in, if needed.
  • – We give you a solid proposal, not just an estimate.  Unless something changes drastically or gets added/subtracted, you will know what you will be paying up front.
  • – We show up on time and work on your project throughout the day.  We don’t jump back and forth on jobs, so you know that we will finish your project as soon as we possibly can, getting you moved in quicker.
  • – We keep you “in the loop” on the progress of your project.  If we think we can finish it quicker than estimated, then you’ll know so that you can adjust your moving schedule.

Buying a new home is a fun and exciting process.  We want to add to that experience by being there for you and creating the “look and feel” that you want in your new home by doing so in a timely manner.  So, schedule a free consultation and let them show you how to move into your new home in style.