Paint Sheen Perfection- Springfield, MO

You’re ready to paint your home, so you go down to the local big box store and start looking at paint. There are many, many options and most people start with color. That’s fine. But here’s a list of other things that you should consider, as well.

1. What are you wanting to paint?-

  • Interior or Exterior? Walls or Trim? Painted Surface or Unpainted Surface? This all matters. And this is a whole other topic. If you have questions about which paint to buy, you can ask the person in the paint store or call All About Paint at 417-880-7834.


2. What brand should I buy? –

  • Not all brands of paint are created equal. There are high-end paints (Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore) and there are low-end paints (I won’t name names). But you should expect to pay at least $30-75 per gallon for a regular wall paint.


3. What sheen should I use?-

  • Paints come in a variety of sheens and should be chosen based on application and/or your preference. Typically, when painting walls in a home, people use Eggshell/Satin. It has a nice luster without too much glare, and it is easily washable. In bathrooms, with high humidity problems, you can step up to a semi-gloss or gloss paint. These are more washable and can help prevent mold and mildew from becoming a problem.


4. What color should I pick?-

  • This is all personal preference here. And you could spend months looking for that “perfect color”. But, before you go to the paint store, take a look around the room you are wanting to paint. Look at the furnishings, pictures, and even what you plan on using the room for to make narrowing down the color even easier. If you’re just not sure, then you can call an interior decorator or make an appointment with All About Paint for a color consultation.
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So, if you plan on painting your home yourself, these are just some of the options that you need to look at before you buy your paint. Going through this list before you go to the paint store will make your experience a lot less overwhelming. And, it will give you more time to pick out that “perfect color”!

If it all sounds too confusing then just give us a call at 417-880-7834 and you can either set up a free quote or ask questions to help you get it right easily.

For more reading on sheen choice, click here for an article on Sherwin-Williams website.